Leasing Specialty


    Number of Retailers

    245, 500 sqft

    Gross Leasable Area

    100K & Above

    Annual Customer Visits
    (Including Annual Bazaar Ramadan)



    Dual income household, elders, retailers,
    vendor from local & overseas

    Area Population

    80, 000
    (Within a 10km radius of S'Mart Pandan Johor Bahru)
    Data as per 2021.

    Key Features


    Free Toilet for Those in Need

    Clean restrooms at S’MART Pandan Johor Bahru are always open to our customers.

    Free Car Park

    S’MART Pandan Johor Bahru is a place for people to enjoy shopping, so we have prepared adequate free car parking space in our spacious carpark just for you. Free parking means there is now more time to enjoy shopping at S’MART Pandan Johor Bahru.

    We are open every day

    We uphold the belief that our community is shaped by all the things we do every day. We make sure S’MART Pandan Johor Bahru opens every day so that everyone in the community can buy what they need and make great things happen.

    Spacious Walkways

    Some traditional markets make you walk through narrow corridors to get where you want to go. At S’MART Pandan Johor Bahru, we make ours into the spacious and roomy walkway, to make shopping a delightful experience for you.

    Air-Conditioned Hypermarket

    Amazing retail space with air conditioning and a comfortable shopping experience. In a highly competitive retail market, S’MART Pandan Johor Bahru is now the number 1 choice for all retailers. Whether you are looking for permanent or pop-up leasing opportunities, we have a range of spaces to suit your business and budget.

    Shop Safe

    We are equipped with 24 hours security patrol and CCTV cameras, we also have placed the emergency panic buttons at strategic places at our car park which will send a signal to the security at S’MART Pandan Johor Bahru for help.
    Enquiry About Leasing

    Consultation and Management Services for Developers

    We are a retailing consultancy company, offering services for the development of new retail outlets. Our expertise is also extended into mixed-use developments that integrate retailing with office functions or shopping centres. We have extensive experience in all areas of new shopping centre developments, including feasibility studies, master planning, IT systems design, management and leasing. We provide consultancy services to existing or new developer who wants to start commercial retailing business. Whether it is hypermarket business or supermarket business.

    For further information, please contact:
    Leasing Department
    Tel: (012)-738 5882